Recipe for Success: HALO Kitchen Incubator

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What a Success It’s Been: SweetEats Traditions Moved

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It’s been a more than a year since SweetEats Traditions beginnings at Recipe for Success: HALO’s Incubator Kitchen Program and their ovens haven’t cooled down since. Jennifer Tilot and Robyn Ferraton worked out of HALO’s kitchen from August 2012 to February of 2013. With all their baking supplies at the HALO kitchen, Jenny and Robyn supplied a variety of catering, party, and wedding orders while working out of HALO’s kitchen. Their participation in HALO’s Incubator Kitchen better acquainted them with working in a larger kitchen and provided them with a better understanding of which tools would be most beneficial to them before opening their own business. Jenny said that the Recipe for Success: HALO’s Incubator Kitchen Program, “was a great program, filled with great people and was an immense help to our business”. Their time at HALO was just the right stepping stone for them to find a location of their own.

To their benefit, both women had entrepreneurial families which added more confidence to their move. The grand opening at their new location, 5796 Durand Avenue or the Northwest Entrance of Regency Mall in Racine, WI, was on February 13th, 2013. The two felt self-assured and excited when moving into their new location. With the help of their families, Jenny and Robyn painted the walls with the same care they take when frosting their cupcakes. The bright magenta walls bring life to their corner of the make and reflects the brilliance of the cupcakes the two produce! SweetEats Traditions offers over 60 delicious cupcake flavors & other sweet treats, ranging from the traditional to the experimental, but dangerously delicious flavors, such as orange dreamsicle or French toast with bacon. The unstoppably delicious duo couldn’t stop! SweetEats Traditions also offers homemade soups, wraps, panini’s, sandwiches and salads.



Author: halorecipeforsuccess

An incubator kitchen located in Racine Wisconsin

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